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This website is intended to help resident of Alamance County live well by providing recipes and physical activity suggestions. Recipes on this site are cheap, simple, and ingredients can all be found at local grocery stores. Physical activities discussed can be done at home or locally and with the entire family. It is our hope that this blog encourages Alamance County residents to pursue a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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Alamance County


Healthy living in Alamance County can be difficult to achieve. Compared to the rest of North Carolina, Alamance County has a higher rate of residents below the poverty line, 17.3% compared to 16.8% in the entire state. The unemployment rate for the county is 6.4%. Financial burdens can make eating healthy and finding the time to exercise almost impossible. The average United States citizen receiving food stamp benefits only gets $133 a month. With such a limited food budget, making healthy choices can seem unattainable. However, this website provides simple, low cost recipes with ingredients all found at local grocery stores, including Walmart and Harris Teeter which are open 24 hours.They are categorized by price in groups of $10, $5, and $3 meals. Ingredients from many of these meals overlap and can be used in many meals to save money. By making a couple of healthy meals a week, a family can see a big improvement in their health! Also, by exercising at home with simple workouts provided on this website, a family can continue improving their state of health!  Making small changes like these can be helpful in ensuring your loved ones stay happy and healthy!


For more information on facts about Alamance County visit: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/37/37001.html


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